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We are shipping orders out! Please be patient as we are trying to get these all out. Thousands of orders were shipped earlier this week. We seek for your understanding as we are also a socially distanced crew, it will take us a some days to mail them. The production of restocking also was begun […]

Chinese Scientists Find Evidence Coronavirus Can Float in the Air for Hours

The research also suggests that virus droplets that have landed on the surface of nurses’ PPE could be knocked back into the air. Researchers in China who examined how the coronavirus spread through two Wuhan hospitals at the height of the outbreak there have found evidence that it can be transmitted through the air. The […]

The World Health Organization (WHO) has changed its advice on face masks, saying they should be worn in public where social distancing is not possible to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

The global body said new information showed they could provide “a barrier for potentially infectious droplets”. Some countries already recommend or mandate face coverings in public. The WHO had previously argued there was not enough evidence to say that healthy people should wear masks. However, WHO director-general Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Friday that […]


Air Queen Nano-Filter Mask is a FDA certified mask from South Korea that uses nanofilter technology to keep 90% of outside pollution, virus, and debris out. Perfectly adheres to the face and nose for optimum protection. The Air Queen Nano Mask is manufactured in South Korea.  You can rest assured that you and your loved […]

Everything You Need to Know About N95 Masks, and Why Everyone Wants One for the Covid-19 Fight

President Donald Trump has scolded major U.S. manufacturers and invoked the Defense Production Act over, in part, face masks. In particular, masks are known as N95 respirators. “We’ve already leveraged the [Act] to stop the hoarding and price gouging of crucial supplies,” Trump told reporters at the April 3 coronavirus media briefing. “Under that authority, […]

Coronavirus mask guide: What you need to know about the masks we all need to wear

N95 face masks are being reserved for medical professionals and first responders. So what should regular people wear? Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, Americans have gone from viewing face masks as a quirky feature of big-city life in Asia to feeling almost naked without one when we step inside a grocery store. Numerous Chicago suburbs […]

US bars travelers from Brazil due to coronavirus: Live updates

US move comes after Brazil records the second-highest number of coronavirus cases in the world. The United States has barred arrivals from Brazil, the country with the second-highest number of cases in the world after the US. Domestic flights are due to resume in India on Monday, a day after the country confirmed a record […]

N95 Mask – What You Need To Know

Who Makes N95 Masks? 3M (ticker: MMM) is the largest producer, making about 35 million N95 masks a month in the U.S. The company is ramping production to about 50 million a month over the coming weeks. Honeywell (HON) is also increasing production. It hopes to be making 10 to 20 million N95 masks in […]

Why do you need to get our Medical Mask 4 Layers Ear Loop?

This mask is a personal care medical mask that can effectively block the bacteria and viruses. MEDICAL MASKS 4 LAYERS EAR LOOP with 4 layers will entirely protect you from all the bacterias. OUTER LAYER – ANTIBACTERIAL NONWOVEN LAYER: Filters out coarse dust, has waterproofing properties, effectively prevents liquid particles from being splashed when the […]

Why wear face masks in public? Here’s what the research shows

With the coronavirus pandemic quickly spreading, U.S. health officials have changed their advice on face masks and now recommend people wear cloth masks in public areas where social distancing can be difficult, such as grocery stores. But can these masks be effective? President Donald Trump, in announcing the change in the Centers for Disease Control […]

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