Air Queen Nano-Filter Mask is a FDA certified mask from South Korea that uses nanofilter technology to keep 90% of outside pollution, virus, and debris out. Perfectly adheres to the face and nose for optimum protection.

The Air Queen Nano Mask is manufactured in South Korea.  You can rest assured that you and your loved ones are protected with masks that stand up to rigorous medical testing and standards.

Lightweight: 4.38 grams.  Lighter than a sheet a paper.  Ergonomic design for all-day comfort.  The Nano mask is designed to cover the nose down past the chin. The aluminum nose-clip allows the mask to form around the bridge of your nose. The elastic ear loops gently tighten the mask to ensure a secure fit.

Conventional electrostatic filters are a method in which dust sticks to the fibers due to static electricity.

  • 3D structured Technology
  • High elastic earband for a comfortable fit around the ears and face
  • Also provides 90% UV protection
  • Created with a functional nasal support for effectiveness and comfort

How to use Ensure proper fit to face by folding nose piece to your nose and also around your chin. Pull the ear elastics around each ear appropriately. Adjust by using both hands and palms around the nose and chin properly so it is touching your face.

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